Crowne Forest Circus was a Romani entertainment group. Based in 16th century Bohemia but founded in Wales, the group toured through much of eastern Europe every March through October until their disbanding in 1598.


As a small circus, most members of Crowne Forest worked both onstage and backstage. Listed here are members of the 1551 season, sorted by their primary role in the group.


Isaac White (ringleader/narrator)

Ana (Horseback tricks) Aria (Dancer)

Arlen Zakharov (Dancer)

Stefan (Fire dancing)

Backstage workers

Marcus (Animal trainer, large cat act)

Elisavet (Mechanic, juggling act)



Touring Area



Company Town

Never Learned To Read Out of the entire company, only two or three can read or write more than just their names. And one of those two or three can only write in Ukrainian. He's the accountant.

Flower Motifs

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